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If you book a course or workshop with us, we will usually agree to transfer payment and honour any early booking discount, to a later date.  If you wish to cancel within two weeks of the course start date, we will deduct a fee of £35 and refund the balance of your payment within three working days.  If unforeseeable circumstances have forced you to cancel, we will always agree to either transfer you to a later booking or refund you in full.  We recognise some situations arise that require compassion rather than cancellation charges, and all we ask is that you call us as soon as you think you are likely to cancel.

If we do not hear from you and you do not attend we will contact you to discuss why, so that we can assess any appropriate refund.  However in the event you have not officially cancelled by phone or letter by 7 working days before the start of the course and your place cannot be filled at short notice, we reserve the right to retain some or all of your payment.  This only applies in extreme cases when someone does not communicate with us and we aim to handle any such situations as reasonably as possible.


All materials on our workshops and courses are included in our prices.  Whilst we aim to work as cleanly and safely as possible, we nevertheless provide aprons when you are painting.  You are welcome to bring any smocks or old shirt you prefer to protect your day clothes.  We have a cloakroom and toilet facilities and we ask you to keep your bags and outdoor clothing hanging on the pegs provided for safety and to avoid tripping over bags in the studio.  We aim to provide you with a full day or days of tuition and to help you to leave with more confidence and knowledge to pursue further practice at home.  A full agenda will be given to each attendee along with some notes on the subjects covered so you have them to refer to when you work at home.


We provide tea, coffee, soft drinks and snack lunches or you can bring your own if you have any special needs.   If you choose to eat what we provide please let us know if you have any food preferences or you have any allergies, so we can ensure we have the right products for you. We do not have any meat products for lunch.


Our finish time can be extended if you want to clarify anything or you are just enjoying what you are doing so much you want another half hour or so to finish for the day.  We like to feel you can work a little longer if you feel motivated to do so.  Our cut off close time is 6pm for this purpose.

Please call us for any other information regarding the studio.

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